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Highway to ... stable!


Anyone who has had the unquestionable pleasure of attending one of the former editions of BALTICA EQUESTRIAN TOUR, knows perfectly how splendid the infrastructure of Ciekocinko Stables is. Regardless of its highest level we never stop improving, and going against the current and in spite of the common opinion that Poland is in ruin, our part of Poland is under construction.

We are more than happy to give you a newly built, over half a kilometer long section of the road, leading from the stables to the lorry park. By saying the road, we do not mean a gravel connector behind a barn, but a highway-standard road, a concrete artery mounted on a bituminous bonding layer, on which your 35-ton eight-wheel vehicles can drive safely (with acceptable speed limit in built-up areas) in two directions. To the stables and back. Two more sentences of this self-flattering description will makes us to implement a via Toll system ;)

We invite you to the ribbon cutting ceremony during upcoming BALTICA SPRING TOUR. Your needs are of utmost importance for us!   



  • Ciekocinko stables
  • Ciekocinko 9, 84-210 Choczewo, North Poland

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