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Tomasz Bałuk, Baltica CEO



I personally feel that I owe you today some information.

BALTICA EQUESTRIAN TOUR has certain heart & soul.
That heart & soul will not change.

BALTICA is part of my life vision to deliver premium quality services. This I believe is demonstrated in all and every piece of the place I have created for over 14 years now. That relates to the boutique ***** Hotel, the Stables, the Park, the BALTICA and all small details around you can enjoy in Ciekocinko, I hope.

I am not planning to change philosophy of that place.

The team who is working here for you is fully motivated to carry on that way.

Of course, there are some organizing changes, and they took place every BALTICA We have done so far, to make the next one just better.

We will bring our hotel quality restaurant “Luneta&Lorneta” closer to the show now, available for lunchtime with a view to the main arena. With weatherproof cover.

This place will also serve for our famous BALTICA Parties, which will be held twice every week of the show, with great DJ’s music.

We will move our main tent with VIP section closer to the main arena, extending it’s length over the long side of it, where our new Sponsor Partner GAGGENAU will be presented as live cooking station. There our Executive Chef Pawel Dołżonek together with reputable guest Chef will bring you the best out of our Gourmet dining experience.

Our second arena will also be secured with weatherproof cover place to enjoy the show.

I hope that all changes you can expect will bring our show just closer to the better one, we want to do.

I hope to see you this spring at the BALTICA EQUESTRIAN TOUR.

Best regards

Tomasz Bałuk


  • Ciekocinko stables
  • Ciekocinko 9, 84-210 Choczewo, North Poland

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