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What would you say for... sun, sand & sea? :)


As Jan Sztaudynger, a famous Polish satirist, used to say: Little is needed to be happy, a bit of sand, a bit of sky, a bit of sea – We have all this here in Ciekocinko! Baltica Tour offers a unique opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: participation ...

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Marc Bettinger & Faye Schoch will join again the Baltica Spring Tour!


Marc Bettinger – last years Grand Prix winner and his partner, amazing Rider- Faye Schoch will join us for three weeks in May for Baltica Spring Tour! Let’s have a look who are they… :) Faye is a Swiss Rider – smiled, open minded and natural-talented Rider. He...

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Parties at Baltica - "WHITER SHADE OF BET" with Nick Sincler on mic!


Oh, come on! A little party never killed nobody… ;) Only horsey people will understand how the average day looks like… Wake up at 6, feed your horses, talk to them, and ask how they slept last night - sounds weird? Not in the equestrian market. Well, well, wel...

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To meet the expectations of the exhibitors and utilise the full potential of the most beautiful stable in Poland, during the Spring and Summer Editions of BET, the Expo Zone will be based at a new, optimal location, allowing us to bring together not only the ...

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Time to get acquainted with BET Spring program- CSI & CSIO for: Children, Juniors, Young Riders!


As James Baldwin used to say: "Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them." And this is what we believe in! We have all been young, rebellious… Thinking that what elders says is at least “not tru...

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