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Time to get acquainted with BET Spring program - CLEAR ROUNDS


Perfectly prepared footing, colorfully decorated obstacles, courses designed by professionals - it is all going to be available to our guests after hours ! Clear rounds, in contrast to the official competitions, are a form of training, in which a rider is give...

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Parties at Baltica... Agata Nizińska & Dj GiGee!


There is no doubt that entertainment and parties are integral and crucial part of BET. Their favorable impact on psychophysical participants' health  is obvious and our goal is  your well-being and good state of mind during your staying with us. Thinking about...

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What would you say for... sun, sand & sea? :)


As Jan Sztaudynger, a famous Polish satirist, used to say: Little is needed to be happy, a bit of sand, a bit of sky, a bit of sea – We have all this here in Ciekocinko! Baltica Tour offers a unique opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: participation ...

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Marc Bettinger & Faye Schoch will join again the Baltica Spring Tour!


Marc Bettinger – last years Grand Prix winner and his partner, amazing Rider- Faye Schoch will join us for three weeks in May for Baltica Spring Tour! Let’s have a look who are they… :) Faye is a Swiss Rider – smiled, open minded and natural-talented Rider. He...

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Parties at Baltica - "WHITER SHADE OF BET" with Nick Sincler on mic!


Oh, come on! A little party never killed nobody… ;) Only horsey people will understand how the average day looks like… Wake up at 6, feed your horses, talk to them, and ask how they slept last night - sounds weird? Not in the equestrian market. Well, well, wel...

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